Minimalist Clean Inspirational Quote Instagram feed post (1)Vernice Mechel Mitchell has the desire to encourage others and be a positive force in her community. This passion led her to develop an organization that would give her the opportunity to help others change their lives in a positive way. She is the founder and CEO of Women of Intent INC, a nonprofit organization with the mission is to plant S.E.E.D. (Support, Education, Enrichment, and Direction) to women as they support and care for their families.

The goal of the SOW SESSIONS offered by Women of Intent is for women to reap good H.A.R.V.E.S.T. of Hope, Achievement, Respect of others/self, Values, Empowerment, Self-love, and Trust. Vernice understands what it feels like to be a person that desires to do better in life but lacks the proper guidance or encouragement needed to succeed. As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach she will journey with you to develop strategies to remove the labels from you mindset. These strategies will help you release yourself from the agreement that has been created with negative levels!

In a world where everyone says they “keep it real”, she believes that authentic transparency allows the opportunity for individuals to relate and connect with each other. Her passion to help others, her positive outlook on life, and her natural gift of encouragement led her to write L.A.B.E.L.S. (Strategies to help heal negative thought patterns). This book is a tool that will help the reader release themselves from the agreement that they have with negative emotions.

Vernice can be booked for speaking engagements and parenting workshops! As a mother of three daughters she understands the challenges of parenting. She speaks truth with love and uses her words to help others heal. She will motivate and encourage you to live beyond the labels and intentionally transform your life for the better! Book her today!