Let’s talk about I.T. (Intentional Transformation)

757CB5F8-AD82-4E10-8086-F14B67B50F68.pngIntentional Transformation requires the individual to ELEVATE their mind to the point of having full confidence that the transformation that is occurring and will continue to occur will benefit their life. I.T. is more than lip service, it an action! Being about IT, instead of talking about IT. Intentional Transformation is a self investment that will yield a great return to the individual. The person who is intent about their transformation remains in a consent mindset of growth. It become their way of life and the individual will:

1. Embrace Change! In order to change, the individual has to first acknowledge that a transformation is required in order for grow!

2. Level up! Elevation requires the individual to make a positive moves that will push them to the next level in life.

3. Expect something great to happen! The individual who is Intentional about  transformation must have expectancy on their mind at all things. No matter how small the something “great” may seem, it is necessary to look for it and expect for it happen! Celebrate each great thing! The more you become aware of the great that is happening the more you will see the positive transformation that is occurring in your life!

4. Vouch for themselves!Speaking up for yourself and letting others know the skills that you are equip with is a confidence booster. Speak up for the most important person in your life…YOU! Speak up for the gifts that have been placed inside of you!

5. Anticipate success ! Anticipation is different from expecting. When we anticipate we expect followed by an action! It requires the individual to expect and act!

6. Trust the processTrusting the process is more than lip service. It’s a belief in something that is greater than you! Trusting the process is  will require the individual to go deep in relationship with God! The individual who being intent about transformation will have to stay present in the process and learn about themselves. There is no giving up because it may seem hard or because of multiple stumbling blocks. Trusting the process is trusting God!

7. Execute the transformation planHaving a plan to execute is an important step to transformation! A plan allows the opportunity for the individual to have guide to reference. Intentional transformation is not the time to go with the flow of life. It’s setting goals, developing a plan and putting the steps in action…executing the transformation is ACTION!


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