It’s OKAY…sis!


Sis it truly is OKAY for you to be tired. It’s OKAY for you to say I want to rest today and do nothing. And it’s even OKAY for you to put yourself first for a change. YES, it’s OKAY  for you to invest in yourself, whether it’s something big like choosing to go back to school or as simple as taking yourself on a date. IT IS OKAY FOR YOU TO DO YOU, to be your own BIGGEST CHEERLEADER, It is okay put your dreams in action mode in order to feel better about yourself.

Its OKAY to encourage others to follow their dreams while working on yours at the same time. It’s OKAY to say I can’t today help at this time because I have to complete something that I have started doing for myself. It’s an act of self love to invest in yourself so always remember that you are worth it and It’s OKAY to show yourself some love!

It is an Opportunity to Know/Appreciate YOU! It’s OKAY!

1 thought on “It’s OKAY…sis!”

  1. Yes I agree…sometimes I would feel guilty for putting myself first. But as I’ve grown i understand that that’s true and real love. God is love and we come from him. Not loving ourselves is not loving God. I had to also forgive myself and others. Loving myself unconditionally. We are all wonderfully made we just have to wake up to that fact!


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