Transparency Strengthens and Heals

Our transparency  with God and ourselves is what heals! It’s easy to go back into our comfort zone of what we would normally do in situations, but when we are on the journey of Transformation we have to come out of what is comfortable to us. We have to be sensitive to what the spirit of God is telling us. We are praying for healing and mind renewal! 

Our transparency allows God into the areas that we need to be healed. We must take it all to God, even though God is all knowing and all powerful, in prayer. It’s like a parent who already knows what a child has done but wants the child to speak it. The parent wonders, “will my child be open and honest with me to let me know what has happened or will they shun away from telling the truth”. When the child tells the truth, the parent is relieved not only about the confession but because the child honored the relationship by revealing what was ailing them. This makes the parent feel great about the relationship that they have with their child. That’s how God is…

When we feel comfortable enough to be transparent with God it helps the relationship and gives the opportunity for God to heal those hurting places just as a parent would do for their child. 

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