The fool and the Queen!

Queen Me!

You can require others to respect you and know your worth, but first you must have knowledge and respect of self. The Queen is the strong, most powerful piece in the chess board. She can make moves that have the ability to change the coarse of the game. One thing for sure, you will NEVER see a Queen piece on a checker board. The two were maid for each other. They are two different games that serve two different purposes.

Like the Queen piece on the chess board, women have the power to make moves that have the ability to change the course of the game of life. When a person plays chess they are aware of what that Queen can do on the board. They attempt to protect and use the piece very wisely.

Someone once told me a story a about a King and a fool. It was explained to me the fact that a man has two versions of himself on the inside, a King and a fool. Well I had to take my own spin on this same concept and speak to women. The Queen and the fool mindset can be found in women.

When you are a Queen, you have the power to require others to treat you with respect and honor your position in their life. Just like the Queen chess piece is valued and used in its rightful capacity, you should be treated the same. Recognize your value and worth. Move accordingly to the position that you hold in your mindset. Do you see yourself as worthy, royalty, powerful and deserving of being loved.

It is important for us to know our worth and not have the mindset of a fool when it comes to interactions with those to desire to be in our lives. The definition of a fool is simply “someone who acts unwisely.” We MUST use wisdom in all areas of our lives, especially when forming relationships. We must have enough wisdom and knowledge of ourselves to require others to treat us with love and respect. When we do not know our worth, others have the ability to attempt to treat us as fools!

We can ask God for an increase of wisdom and knowledge of self to gain a better understanding of who we are and were created to be. Displaying wisdom is an act of self love. It is ok to grow from our foolish ways and mature into our rightful place in life of QUEENDOMHOOD! (yes, I mad that word up ☺️)

I can admit that I have operated in foolishness. Allowed people the opportunity to not treat me in the manner that I truly deserved. I entered relationships blindly, placing the needs of others before my own needs. Some decisions that I made in this life were not wise and many were made all out of lack of true knowledge of myself.

I had to recognize the pattern of people who were entering my life and evaluate my mindset. What was I putting out that cause me to receive the type of people in my life? I entered relationships that were not good for me spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I was searching for love in all of the wrong places because I did not fully understand and know myself. I had to take the time assess all areas of my life to figure where I was lacking in wisdom. I repented, I simply took a turn in my mindset and did the opposite of what I had been doing before.

The energy that I placed in building up others was transferred into building up myself. I had to stop dealing with the unwise and let the fools go. Once I gained full knowledge and understanding of myself it was easier to move into spaces with others who were on my level of understanding and knowledge.

My question to you is, are you operating as a Queen in all areas in your life? Or a fool? The Queen chess piece has the power to move in ways that the other pieces on the board can’t move. She knows that she is uniquely different and set apart. The person who knows how to move her in the ways that she is made for as the ability win! Do you understand that you to have that same ability? The ability to win and be around winners!

Do not operate in foolishness by allowing others to treat you any type of way. Know who you are in the game of life and move accordingly! You are apart of a royal priesthood, you have the power to require respect and love. Understand the Queen in you, move in wisdom to rule your QUEENDOM!!!

A women who connects to a fool (unwise) is a woman who is taking risk at winning in the game of life. Know your WORTH! You are valuable! Knowledge of self will demand you to require respect from others!

(Thank you for visiting my site. Be sure to come back to read next weeks (Friday) blog post, “QUEENDOM…know your position!”)

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