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V.I.P.Coaching with Women of Intent CEO/Founder Vernice Mechel Mitchell.

Vernice Mechel Mitchell aims to provide others with resources that will positively impact their lives. She understands what it looks like to have the desire to change but not have the right resources in place to make the transformation. From a young child she understood the value of connection & relationships with others and the impact that trauma has on a persons confidence in themselves in certain areas of life.
This one on one life transforming coaching sessions will provide you with one hour weekly sessions with Vernice. In these sessions, Vernice will provide practical tools & strategies for success. She is ready to journey with you to be a source of accountability, responsibility, transformation & transparency to gain greater success in your life.

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Heal to Build

The time has come for you to put yourself first by dedicating time to move past the labels that others have placed on you. Those negative labels cause many to limit their mindset to the many possibilities that life has to offer them! There is a way to change your mind and live beyond the limits of the negative labels.

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