Level Up

Growth is a forward moving task that requires expansion. Think of a plant. The seed is planted in the soil, it is watered and nurtured so that the growth process can occur. Once the plant starts to grow, it starts to move in an upward motion on top of the soil, but underneath the soil the roots are moving in a lateral and downward motion to help with the foundation of the growth process for the plant. As the plant continues to grow the roots go deeper and spread out wider. Soon the plant outgrows it container and has to be transplanted into a new pot in order for the growth process to continue on. When growth is occurring in something, it cannot remain in the space that limits its growth.

Just like the plant, we to have to have a strong foundation that firmly supports our growth process. Something or someone that will hold us down as we grow up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The firm foundation that we need for growth is prayer and meditation. Just like the soil that supports the plant, prayer and meditation provide support for our spirit as we grow to the next level.

Leveling up requires positive moves. These moves will push you to the next level in life and it’s all based on the way you think about yourself. Being a person with a level up mentality requires positive thinking, positive attitude and positive talk about the most important person in your life…YOU!

I have always wanted to help others reach their goals, dreams, and aspirations! And I have always had the ability to encourage others with positive words and actions, but when it came to myself that was a different case. I was not watering my soul with the nourishment of prayer and meditation so that my spirit could grow confidently into what I was called to be. My foundation was not growing at the roots, so my growth became stagnant.

I had to change the way I treated myself in actions. The way I carried myself was not conducive to a healthy growth pattern. Not saying that I was all jacked up, but how I invested in me needed improvements. I would spend all kinds of money on things that did not benefit my growth like restaurants and clothes that I did not need. But when the time came to enroll in a course or something like that…I never found the time or money to invest in me!

I also had to level up my associations. The company we keep has the ability to help grow our foundation and allow it to remain strong. Transformation wil require you to grow outside of your comfort zone. I have labeled myself as the introvert-extrovert. Getting to know knew people is not hard for me, it’s the getting out part that I struggle with in my mind. I have had the ability to talk myself right out of opportunities to connect with others that could have helped me lay a stronger foundation in life.

So ask yourself the questions….

What company am I keeping? What dialogue do I have with the company that I keep and with myself? What do I think about me? And most of all how can I increase my time in prayer and meditation?

To be intentional about transformation(growth) we must

1. Embrace Change

2. Level up!

“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2