What are you saying to yourself about yourself?

What you say about yourself counts so much more than what others say about you. It is what you believe to be true that becomes your reality. Labels are stereotypes we attach ourselves to and identify with emotionally. Those emotions can be negative or positive, but when we focus on the negative aspect of the label we alter our internal feeling about the most important person in your life, YOU. The negative emotion becomes a cancer within your mind and grows to the point that every cell has been altered to resemble the DNA of the negative label. One thought can become your lifestyle. A thought that is rehearsed over and over in your mind, becomes a process of thinking. The negative process of thinking then becomes a daily routine which leads to a negative lifestyle.

One failed test or difficulty with a project becomes a thought of I am stupid, just because one test was missed or you took longer on a project than you expected. The label of “stupid” that you identified with in your thoughts, then becomes a process when you rehearse the events of the failure in your mind. The conversation becomes “I failed the test, I am so stupid, I will never be successful.” The thought of being “stupid” because of a failed test becomes I will always be this way because I am stupid for failing one test. The conversation we have with ourselves about ourselves has to be different. Instead of focusing on the failure by calling yourself stupid, think on the positive. The self conversation can go from negative to a positive if you choose to do so. A failed test is not so bad, it is the emotion that rises up with that failed test that is doing the damage to self. The person that started the self-sabotaging behavior can change the conversation with self by saying “yes, I failed the test, but let me see what I can change to do better next time.” We can change our lives one positive self conversation at a time.

Be mindful of the conversations that you have with yourself. Our mind believes what we tell it to believe. What are you telling yourself to believe about you? Are you having a self-sabotaging conversation? If you are make the decision to change the way you talk about the most important person in your life…YOU! Give yourself the same Grace that God gives you! Stop being a BULLY to yourself!

1 thought on “What are you saying to yourself about yourself?”

  1. I truly in love women of intent. I love what God has done with you and your growth keep doing the work that God has given you to do to encourage all women all around this world.


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